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What is an adaptable organisation?

An adaptable organisation is one that is able to respond to internal and external influences. It’s an organisation with an adaptable strategy as well as an adaptable execution. One that is organised around customer value, and that learns through short-cycle management and continuous improvement. An organisation that constantly responds to the opportunities that digitalisation, new technology and the availability of ever-increasing amounts of data offer.

Why is adaptability important?

Think about the development of new products and services that meet the world’s needs today and tomorrow. Think about sustainable earning models that go further than mere shareholder value. And think about new ways of working that make a positive contribution to achieving ESG goals. These are all examples of why adaptable organisations are relevant to their customers, competitive within their market, and future-proof.

But how can you transform into an adaptable organisation now?


Transforming into an adaptable organisation

In order to transform into an adaptable organisation, you need to go through the following steps:

  1. Determine your shared vision
    • Determine your organisation’s shared vision, its change narrative and its change approach at C-suite level.
  2. Put together a change team
    • Put together a multidisciplinary change team and determine the change roadmap.
  3. Describe the situation now and afterwards
    • Describe the organisation’s management, way of working, behaviour, leadership and culture now and afterwards.
  4. Identify the value streams
    • Identify the value streams in the organisation; determine where and how you will start; and at which speed you want to transform the organisation: in phases or immediately.
  5. Analyse the strategy formation process
    • Analyse how your strategy formation process is currently set up, and whether this still fits in with the envisaged transformation.
  6. Set up a portfolio management system
    • Set up a portfolio management system and change initiatives for one or more value streams.
  7. Keep on improving
    • Learn by continuously improving, adapting and tilting the organisation to a different angle.

Transformation isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach

Transforming into an adaptable organisation is a complex process involving many variables. In other words, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach. At House of Performance, we see the steps outlined above as a good framework, but we always look at the context. For instance, how high is the urgency to become adaptable? Which exact part of your organisation needs to do so? Do certain parts of your business benefit more from operational excellence? What are your management issues? What role does your organisational culture play? In other words, we look at what your organisation needs, work with you to develop an approach that fits in with this, and gradually make adjustments where necessary.

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Like to transform into a flexible organisation?

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