Clients of House of Performance all have one thing in common: they want to radically improve performance in the workplace. We are keen to help them do so.

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A holistic approach to clients: from strategy to execution

Bovemij helps entrepreneurs in the mobility industry doing business successfully by connecting a network of mobility companies and its customers (digitally). They are a one-stop-shop for insurances, financing, legal aid and data.

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Safeguarding Sustainable Lean at AEB

AEB solves waste issues sustainably to make the world around us cleaner now and in the future. This is why it is aiming to improve its own processes and reduce the associated costs by implementing Lean in a sustainable manner.

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Improving team effectiveness at Healthcare institution ’s Heeren Loo

How could a healthcare institution manage to considerably improve teamwork within the Planning & Control department? By using the Team Fit Check.

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Improving Performance with the Performance Cup

Continuous performance improvements, change pathways, developing self-steering teams, it’s often a real struggle to get things done. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It can be easier as well as more fun to do things differently. The results of the Performance Cup will convince you of that. .

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Sustainable change management at Tax Office Customs

From vision to results. From retrospective justifications to advance guidance.

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Improving productivity at a network administrator

The network administrator’s productivity has been radically improved.
Result: Network administrator has improved its competitive position.

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Process optimization at NedTrain

Mechanics often couldn’t get hold of the right part when a train had to be repaired. Besides being very irritating for the mechanics, this situation also cost money. Time for a fresh look at the process.

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More customer focus at a Bank

The challenge was to radically improve effectiveness and efficiency within the sales organisation’s workplace. House of Performance took up this challenge alongside the bank.

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Leadtime reduction at a network administrator

Somewhere in a big dutch city, the street lights go out. It often takes the network administrator at least 10 days to fix the fault. Time to speed things up.

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Improving results with gamification at a big Retailer

The retail landscape has radically altered over the past few years. How can you get individual franchisees of a particular format to take an open and proactive attitude to looking at the performance improvements required in their own workplace?

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