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Clients of House of Performance all have one thing in common: they want to radically improve performance in the workplace. We are keen to help them do so.

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Case study: Dutch Tax and Customs Administration_Smarter and more effective ways of working at the

The sheer volume of work piling up in the administrative departments, as well as the number of inaccurate files, was impeding the organisation’s ability to work smartly and effectively. Its ambition was to spend less time on administrative tasks, and more time on checking that tasks had been performed correctly.

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Case study: Rabobank – Encouraging a financially healthy lifestyle through gamification

Over the next five years, Rabobank has set itself the goal of helping people in 1,000,000 Dutch households to lead a financially healthy life, now and in the future. Yet an analysis carried out by Rabobank itself showed that its advisors weren’t taking full advantage of all the opportunities open to them during their discussions with customers. Rabobank therefore wanted them be able to call on relevant, up-to-date knowledge and skills in order to be able to serve their customers properly by helping to ensure their financial health.

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Case study: Zeelandia – Achieving Sales Excellence

How can you, as a multinational organisation, create greater international synergy between all your various countries and employees in their approach to sales and marketing?

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Case study: Care for Cancer – Recalibration of the strategy and collaboration

Since 2005, the Care for Cancer Foundation has offered integral support to people who are confronted with cancer. It is able to do so on an entirely altruistic basis, with the help of a network of over 60 specialist oncology nurses.

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Case study: Restless Development – Being more strategic and effective through directly applicable initiatives

Restless Development helps young people to take their role in the development of their country.  They work with young people so that they can lead in solving challenges. Whether that means supporting communities to end child marriage or prevent HIV, Restless Development works with young people to change their lives and the lives of people in their communities.

They run out of hubs in ten countries across Africa, Asia and in the UK and USA, with a wider network of partners across the world. House of Performance worked together with the Uganda hub on improving business performance. This project is part of House of Sharing.

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Case study: Bovemij – A holistic approach to clients: from strategy to execution

Bovemij helps entrepreneurs in the mobility industry doing business successfully by connecting a network of mobility companies and its customers (digitally). They are a one-stop-shop for insurances, financing, legal aid and data.

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Case study: AEB – Safeguarding Sustainable Lean

AEB solves waste issues sustainably to make the world around us cleaner now and in the future. This is why it is aiming to improve its own processes and reduce the associated costs by implementing Lean in a sustainable manner.

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Case study: The Fresh Chance Foundation – Working together more effectively

The Fresh Chance Foundation (DNK) is a foundation offering a ‘change pathway’. Its goal is to enable participants to change in such a way as to allow them to succeed in gaining a stable place within society.

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Case study: Binthout – A clear vision with directly applicable initiatives

inthout saves Dutch trees from the shredder and makes fabulous designer items from the wood. Its products are handmade and produced in the Netherlands by people who find it hard to get a job, because everyone deserves a chance in the labour market. Binthout is a growing company that wants to set a course that it can follow long into the future.

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Case study: the Prisma Foundation – Executional strategy

Prisma helps people with learning difficulties in Amsterdam to participate more in society. This is valuable work, although its effect is difficult to measure. How can you work out if you are doing the right things? Using the AVRI model helps us to find the answer to this question, thereby enabling the voluntary organisation to grow in terms of professionalism, self-confidence – and impact.

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Case study: Improving Performance with the Performance Cup

Continuous performance improvements, change pathways, developing self-steering teams, it’s often a real struggle to get things done. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It can be easier as well as more fun to do things differently. The results of the Performance Cup will convince you of that. .

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Case study: Healthcare institution ’s Heeren Loo – Improving team effectiveness

How could a healthcare institution manage to considerably improve teamwork within the Planning & Control department? By using the Team Fit Check.

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Case: Tax Office Customs – Sustainable change management

From vision to results. From retrospective justifications to advance guidance.

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Case study: a network administrator – Improving productivity

The network administrator’s productivity has been radically improved.
Result: Network administrator has improved its competitive position.

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Case study: Nedtrain – Process optimization

Mechanics often couldn’t get hold of the right part when a train had to be repaired. Besides being very irritating for the mechanics, this situation also cost money. Time for a fresh look at the process.

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Case study: a Bank – More customer focus

The challenge was to radically improve effectiveness and efficiency within the sales organisation’s workplace. House of Performance took up this challenge alongside the bank.

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Case study: a network administrator – Leadtime reduction

Somewhere in a big dutch city, the street lights go out. It often takes the network administrator at least 10 days to fix the fault. Time to speed things up.

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Case study: Retailer – Improving results with gamification

The retail landscape has radically altered over the past few years. How can you get individual franchisees of a particular format to take an open and proactive attitude to looking at the performance improvements required in their own workplace?

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