Case study: a Bank – More customer focus

The challenge was to radically improve effectiveness and efficiency within the sales organisation’s workplace. House of Performance took up this challenge alongside the bank.

Customer request

Being part of a sales organisation, a bank’s Corporate Clients and Merchant Banking departments wanted to excel in effectiveness and efficiency. In order to do so, they wanted to involve the customer in all discussions leading to overall solutions. This required:
• optimising the Relationship Management process
• translating the service concept into everyday practice
• making the sales process more uniform
• ‘consultative selling´: turning the working method from product-focused to relationship-focused

Request to House of Performance:

Support us in changing from a product-focused to a customer-focused operation, so that each department can deliver top-rate performance. Now and in the future.

Our approach

Acceptability: getting the right project team involved so as to ensure a credible translation of the concept into practice

Analysis, development, testing and roll-out

We focused on five crucial factors:
• Functionality: who must do what to bring about a successful change
Development: which resources should we apply to achieve radically improved performance and continued improvement?
Testing: operationally testing and adjusting the optimisation programme
Roll-out: implementing a national roll-out programme together with the staff


A single operating direction: from product-focused to customer-focused. An unequivocal arrangement: the course of the company has been adjusted to follow the chosen direction. For instance, the Performance Contracts have been revised to focus on the customer, rather than the product. A single team: everyone understands and believes in their role (which may be a new one). Visibly improved collaboration between teams, from District Management Teams to Client Service Teams.

Certainly now that it’s clear how we want to work, we can implement things fast. Senior Leaderschip Development Manager