Case study: Zeelandia – Achieving Sales Excellence

How can you, as a multinational organisation, create greater international synergy between all your various countries and employees in their approach to sales and marketing?

Customer request

Zeelandia, a Dutch family firm, is based in more than 30 countries. Each country had its own knowledge and approach when it came to sales and marketing. Could House of Performance help Zeelandia establish a unified approach to bring together all the different countries so that they would feel and work more as part of the same organisation while also learning from each other?

Task for House of Performance

Help us to increase our profitability by developing a ‘best practice’ programme within which the different countries can continuously improve their local marketing and sales approach.

Our approach

House of Performance developed an approach to improve Zeelandia’s sales management, based on successful examples of how this had already worked in practice within the firm. This approach was then applied in small, easily manageable modules in different countries, in order to achieve improvements in collaboration with the organisation’s local staff.

Show them how to do it, do it together, then let them do it

Using local priorities as a basis for decision-making, choices were made to determine the order in which ideas for improvements would be carried out. While doing so, we focused on aiming to achieve results, create behavioural changes, and share knowledge with other countries.

Operating with the philosophy ‘Show them how to do it, do it together, then let them do it’ in mind, we trained two internal consultants from Zeelandia in the Sales Excellence approach after the pilot period was over. They are now being deployed to continue the roll-out of the Sales Excellence approach, to root this firmly within the organisation, and to continuously improve the approach into the future, based on lessons learned in the various countries.


Sales Excellence has now been implemented in 12 countries. Let’s take a quick look at a few results:

Maarten van der Heijden

Together with House of Performance, we implemented a structured approach that improved our organisation’s commercial focus and sales results. Their approach shifted the focus from sales volumes to higher profit margins and quality. This more rational application of commercial resources resulted in more effective sales! - Maarten van der Heijden, Corporate Marketing Director, Zeelandia