Case study: a network administrator – Leadtime reduction

Somewhere in a big dutch city, the street lights go out. It often takes the network administrator at least 10 days to fix the fault. Time to speed things up.

Customer request

Imagine that the street lights suddenly go out in for example a city like Rotterdam. As well as being inconvenient and unsafe, it’s also obvious to everyone. And bad for the city’s image. So it’s important to fix defects as quickly and properly as possible. But the network administrator turnaround times were far too long. Only 20% of the problems were fixed within 10 days.

Task for House of Performance:

Improve the speed with which defects in Amsterdam’s street lighting are fixed.

Our approach

Reducing the amount of time it takes to fix a fault isn’t easy, because a defect report goes to several different departments. For this reason, the first thing we did was to involve the entire chain in this project. Our aim was to get everyone involved to start moving.

We therefore did the following:

1. Made a clear analysis of the process and management
2. Mapped the painful areas in behaviour and leadership
3. Integrated success factors and learning points from other regions
4. Put the focus on waiting times rather than processing times throughout the chain

Alterations to the process and management weren’t the only factors that contributed to success. Above all, it was the workshops with all the teams and team leaders involved that have now resulted in shorter lead times.


Resolved < 10 days

Average leadtime

Outstanding actions


The consultants from House of Performance are very enthusiastic and animated in the way they go about their work. They’re pretty sharp, and they use their expertise and their own style to get people moving. Along with their open and honest attitude, this makes them an approachable and pleasant sparring partner. In short, they contribute in a valuable and necessary way to achieving concrete results, they transmit their knowledge and skills to the line organisation, they give honest feedback and are happy to receive it too. All the ingredients you need to work together successfully… Regional Support Team, North-East