Case study: Restless Development – Being more strategic and effective through directly applicable initiatives

Restless Development helps young people to take their role in the development of their country.  They work with young people so that they can lead in solving challenges. Whether that means supporting communities to end child marriage or prevent HIV, Restless Development works with young people to change their lives and the lives of people in their communities.

They run out of hubs in ten countries across Africa, Asia and in the UK and USA, with a wider network of partners across the world. House of Performance worked together with the Uganda hub on improving business performance. This project is part of House of Sharing.

Project Goal

The leadership team of the Uganda hub is looking for opportunities to become more effective, both individually and as a team. Especially leadership, workload management and innovation are important topics to strenghten and improve. The team wants to:

1.Shift the focus from an operational to a more tactical/strategic level

2.Be more innovative in improving the organization

3.Improve the management skills

Request to House of Performance:

Restless Development’s question to House of Sharing: “Help us to become more effective by developing our management team, so we can improve our leaderschip, spend our time more effective and become more innovative.”

Our approach

Based on remote conversations and a survey, a 2 week bootcamp was designed focussing on strategic alignment, learning culture, workload management and internal innovation. Among other things, the following methods were used: OGSM Obeya Workload matrix Kaizen TIM WOODS


Using the applied methods and knowledge, an impact was made on 4 main topics:

  • A more strategic approach by aligning daily business to the organizational strategy.
  • An enhanced learning culture by setting up formal moments to share knowledge and learn from each other.
  • Reduced workload by prioritizing, scheduling, delegating and eliminating tasks.
  • Being more innovative by continuous improvement in day to day business.
Catherine Rodgers

The two weeks were both inspiring, impactful and fun! Unlike other professional support, this truly made us change the way we work on a daily basis! We are clear on how to ensure we are achieving our strategy, measuring our progress on a monthly basis and how to continually make small changes to achieve big change both in our external work and our internal ways of working ! It was great having Laura and Jasper spend time with the team…. Every leadership team should do this!!! Catherine Rodgers, hub director