Case study: Binthout – A clear vision with directly applicable initiatives

inthout saves Dutch trees from the shredder and makes fabulous designer items from the wood. Its products are handmade and produced in the Netherlands by people who find it hard to get a job, because everyone deserves a chance in the labour market. Binthout is a growing company that wants to set a course that it can follow long into the future.

Customer request

Binthout is a growing business that wanted to develop a clear vision and strategy in order to set a course that it could follow efficiently over the years ahead. It therefore wanted to focus on the following matters:

  • Making implicit expectations explicit
  • Establishing a clear mission, vision and values to steer the organisation in the right direction
  • Creating a framework against which decisions could be evaluated

Task for House of Performance

House of Performance was asked to facilitate Binthout’s vision development and strategic execution in order to contribute to a clear vision and strategy, and to create more a greater sense of calm within the organisation. Our partnership with Binthout was a House of Sharing project .

Our approach

We worked together with Binthout to develop a strategic execution map that would show the right direction to take in the future while also providing support in making choices.

The steps we took

  • Clearly expressing the mission, vision, values and principles
  • Describing the various perspectives
  • Establishing the goals, KPIs and norms
  • Developing the initiatives
  • Setting out assurances within the consultative structure


Using 6 perspectives as a basis, we looked at the desired goals. Various KPIs were drawn up with these in mind.

  • Safety
  • Products
  • Development & Training
  • Communication
  • Finances
  • Customer



"It was a fabulous process with lots of tools we can use into the future. The HoPpers were really enthousiastic and fitted into our company culture well. This meant we could discuss things in an informal manner, but without losing our focus.” Karst Klein, Binthout