Case study: Care for Cancer – Recalibration of the strategy and collaboration

Since 2005, the Care for Cancer Foundation has offered integral support to people who are confronted with cancer. It is able to do so on an entirely altruistic basis, with the help of a network of over 60 specialist oncology nurses.

Care for Cancer’s ambition

More than 1,000 clients are now being supported throughout the Netherlands each year. It is Care for Cancer’s ambition to expand its scope and thereby its impact.

Task for House of Performance

In order to extend its reach and thereby its impact, Care for Cancer asked us to calibrate its strategy and its way of collaborating with chain partners in the oncological field.  Our partnership with Care for Cancer is a House of Sharing project. 

Our approach

What was our approach?

Over three afternoons, we took the following three steps together with Care for Cancer’s management team: 

  1. We analysed the current strategy and collaboration with the care field by examining documents and conducting individual interviews 
  2. We conducted a joint analysis of SWOTs and personal ambitions 
  3. We set up an OGSM and collaboration support in oncology 


Our OGSM model helped Care for Cancer by giving it: 

  • A clear direction for carrying out its stragegy 
  • A firm focus in collaborating with different stakeholders
machteld de bont

"We feasted on your knowledge and the hospitality that you showed us when we came to see you. Thank you for being so thoughtful towards us as individuals. It’s great that we can now use a few simple tools to get to work on what we need to do. It’s a great challenge that is giving us the structure we need for now!" - Machteld de Bont, Director of General Affairs at Care for Cancer