Case study: Microsoft partner The Cue – Increasing business productivity through gamification

Microsoft Office 365’s market share is over 60% and growing. This makes it by far the most popular provider of business software ‘in the cloud’. That’s not surprising, because with a packet of more than 20 applications, it offers endless opportunities to work together effectively, efficiently and securely. Yet unfortunately, the full theoretical potential of all the possibilities that Office 365 offers are not being used in daily practice. Microsoft saw that its network of business partners could have a role to play in improving the situation, and called on House of Performance to help.

Customer request

How can our business partners, who have an important role in raising the adoption level of Office 365, help the end user utilize its full potential?


Task for House of Performance

Develop a scalable solution which helps the end user, where and whenever they want, use Office 365 more effectively, in order to collaborate in a smarter way, increase business productivity and thereby raise the adoption level of Office 365?

Our approach

House of Performance launched tech start-up The Cue, specialized in scalable solutions to work smarter and more effectively in a digital world.

The acquisition of new knowledge – in this case about Office 365 – and the development of new behaviour in the workplace can be achieved extremely well through gamification. For this reason, The Cue – a tech start-up and spin-off of House of Performance – came up with a gamification solution to raise the adoption level of Office 365 and thereby increase organisations’ business productivity.

The Cue works closely together with Microsoft and its network of business partners on product development issues. The added value of The Cue consists of its in-depth knowledge about change management and its experience in building gamification solutions.

The gamification solution that The Cue came up with in this case is available for use both on fixed and mobile devices; may be used by an endless number of players at the same time (wherever and whenever they themselves want to play it); offers a number of different levels to challenge players; and steers its players towards measurable progression. If you’d like to know more, read all about the different games created by The Cue.

Results after playing one of the games

The effectiveness of the meetings

The action orientation of meetings

The efficiency of meetings

"Without the Cue's gamification solution, our co-workers, especially the non-technical ones, would've never started to work with Office 365 so rapidly." Consultant with an IT company