Case Study: Menzis – Customer service strategy development

It is Menzis’ mission to strengthen the life force of each individual by assuring them of high-quality, affordable healthcare. Customer & Operations (C&O) carries out all the operational insurance processes, maintains contact with customers and, with its 600 employees, forms the largest cluster within Menzis.​

Customer request

As Menzies’ strategy at that time was no longer up to date, the K&O director who took office in 2020 wanted a new dot on the horizon to aim for: one that would also transcend the clusters.

Task for House of Performance

Help us to develop a dot on the horizon for Menzis’ customer service that is clear, shared, and widely supported both within and outside K&O itself. This dot should be sufficiently innovative both over the short and long term, while also aligning with the organisation’s capacity for change.

From analysis to strategy execution


The strategy development approach consisted of four steps: analysis, strategy formation, strategy translation and strategy execution.

  1. Analysis: Analysis of the organisation within its own context, internally and externally
  2. Strategy formation: Strategic choices – how the organisation responds to its environment
  3. Strategy translation: Translating strategic choices into actual activities whose success is measurable​
  4. Strategy execution: Implementation and execution of the strategy​​​


          • A flexible Strategic Compass: an overview on 1 sheet of A4, including the translation of the mission and vision into actual initiatives​
          • Customer service values were drawn up and experienced together ​
          • Measurable objectives to aim for​​
          • Personal change stories for the strategy, and involvement of employees from different clusters on the strategy​​
          • Ownership of the various components of the Strategic Compass​

"We work together as a real team, with co-creation. HofP provides the structure and the follow-up, and we provide the content. HofP also ensures we can reflect on what we’re doing: it’s easy to make that switch, and it enables us to produce high-quality results." - Marieke Fieten, Customer & Operations Director of Menzis