Case Study: Pon – Setting a digital transformation in motion

Pon is a global player active in the field of mobility products, services and solutions, and also offers hundreds of industrial solutions. Within its Pon Equipment & Pon Power (PEPP) division, the opportunities and possibilities offered by digitalisation had already been discussed for some time.

Customer request

However, it was proving difficult to actually turn these digital opportunities and possibilities into reality, and the desired results were not becoming apparent. This meant that there was a need for support to get a group-wide digital transformation underway, in order to ensure that the opportunities presented by further digitalisation could be better utilised.


Task for House of Performance

Help us to clarify our digital ambition and strategy, firmly establish our current digital maturity, and set up an action plan that will allow us to get our digital transformation moving.

Our approach

From why, what and how to an action plan

  1. During various sessions with the board, thewhywhat and how of the transformation were made clear.
  2. In a quick scan consisting of interviews and a digital maturity scan, the current situation of all the organisations in the group was clarified. ​
  3. Based on the above, an action plan was drawn up for the transformation, including guidelines for management and a transformation team that would be set up.


          • The completed OGSM reflects the ambition and strategy of the group, and provides the transformation with a direction.​
          • The change story explains the ambition and necessity for the transformation, so that board members can take account of this in their vision for the organisation.​
          • The baseline measurement of the digital maturity of all parts of the group gives a good view of the current situation. ​
          • The action plan guides the interpretation and management of the transformation.

"It’s been a long time since we’ve had such a clear and strong foundation on which to build. It’s now a firm part of who we are .” - Patrick van Alem, CCO at PEPP Netherlands