Case study: Producer of raw baking materials improves bakeries’ performance through gamification

An international producer of raw baking materials that delivered its products to craft bakeries in more than 100 countries had an unfulfilled ambition. It wished to not only deliver high-quality raw materials to these bakeries, but also to help them offer even more added value to their customers.

Customer request

How can we find a way of getting through to our customers – thousands of bakeries in over 100 different countries – so as to enable them to help their own customers better, thereby growing their sales?

Task for House of Performance

Please develop a scalable solution that will enable our customers to increase their collaboration with one another, enhance their own customers’ satisfaction, gain better product knowledge and achieve more sales.

Our approach

In co-creation with the customer laying the foundation for a tailor-made gamification solution.

Our approach

During a number of design sessions with the producer and its customers – the bakers – we defined the target group of players, determined the desired behaviour and set out the story line. This formed the basis of the game and led to the creation of the fictional character Bill Bakman (Bill the Baker): an ambitious baker who helps the players to keep their bakery running properly during the missions.

The results

Following a successful pilot game involving 11 shops, the game is now being played by a total of 48 bakeries and 276 players. Take a look at the results so far below.

Impact of the game on players

Impact of one mission on weekly muffin sales