Case: Tax Office Customs – Sustainable change management

From vision to results. From retrospective justifications to advance guidance.

Customer request

The Customs Office in Nijmegen was looking for an integral programme that would bring a number of developments together: Lean, leadership, the new way of working, and sustainable availability.
With this in mind, they had a number of requirements:
• To move from justifying in retrospect to guiding in advance
• To develop leadership out of calmness, focus and choices
• To work together more efficiently by clarifying ‘what’ and ‘how’

Request to House of Performance

We were asked to support this programme.

Our approach

Our line of approach was to make responsibilities and roles clear to all. Personal responsibility makes it easier to steer the right course.

We therefore did the following:

• Introduced focus and direction by drawing up a strategic execution map with the board, team leaders and team members;
• Expanded Effectiveness Management through discussions with the board to establish purpose, structure and roles;
• Ensured individual growth in the leadership team by coaching its members on their leadership style;
• Created successful teams by introducing an intensive programme for team leaders to enable them to sustainably lead successful teams.


• Effective and efficient management and board meetings
• An organisation with focus, direction and the ability to learn from itself
• Teams work well together and with motivation

Increase quality in team


I felt our working relationship with House of Performance to be extremely inspiring and supportive. A new focus has been introduced that is clearly visible throughout the entire organisation! Els van der Wielen Customs Director, Nijmegen