Case study: the Prisma Foundation – Executional strategy

Prisma helps people with learning difficulties in Amsterdam to participate more in society. This is valuable work, although its effect is difficult to measure. How can you work out if you are doing the right things? Using the AVRI model helps us to find the answer to this question, thereby enabling the voluntary organisation to grow in terms of professionalism, self-confidence – and impact.

Customer request

These days, subsidy grantors want to see more than just the number of clients that are reached. How do we know if we’re doing the right things? How can we discover what impact our activities have on the lives of people with learning difficulties in Amsterdam?

Task for House of Performance

Help us to build a bridge between our mission and our day-to-day activities. Help us to discover what we are achieving and what we can achieve in people’s lives. Our partnership with the Prisma Foundation was a House of Sharing project.

Our approach

First of all, we worked with Prisma’s team to reformulate the Foundation’s mission and vision so that we could translate these back into the desired impact.


The AVRI model then helped us to gauge the individual activities. By linking it to Prisma’s new mission and vision, we were able to arrive at the answer to the question ‘Are we doing the right things?’

The AVRI-model
We make it easier to gain an insight into performance by posing four questions.

  1. Activity: Which intervention are we conducting by means of an activity, and with what purpose in mind?
  2. Change: Which change do we want to bring about by doing this?
  3. Result: Which result indicators do we intend to influence?
  4. Impact: What contribution does the change make in this respect?


Awareness: The team now holds daily discussions about the following questions: ‘Why are we actually doing this? Will it help these people to make further progress?’

Added value: We have chosen to use a methodology with which we can systematically increase the impact of activities for the participants.

Pride: The Prisma Foundation is gaining greater recognition in the city as a professional partner with due regard for results and impact.

“The consultants were very good at finding a balance between their knowledge of professional organisations and our place, where we work with lots of volunteers. What’s more, they were able to make everyone enthusiastic about having a really good think about the work they do. This pathway was offered to us by House of Sharing. That makes it extra special.” Peter Swinkels – Director of Prisma