Case study: Improving Performance with the Performance Cup

Continuous performance improvements, change pathways, developing self-steering teams, it’s often a real struggle to get things done. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It can be easier as well as more fun to do things differently. The results of the Performance Cup will convince you of that. .

Customer request

How can we:

  • develop and improve our performance ourselves, as a team?
  • improve every day: for our clients, our colleagues and our bottom line?
  • create a better team spririt?

Task for House of Performance

Help us to find a way of harnessing our intrinsic motivation so as to improve our performance – both for our own sake and for that of our clients – in order to make our work even more enjoyble.

Our approach

We believe that as human beings, we all essentially enjoy learning through play. Sporting elements, such as competition, also play a part in the learning game. That’s the way most of us learned things while we were growing up, so why shouldn’t we continue along the same lines in order to develop ourselves further? In the Performance Cup, sporting and playful elements are combined with teaching and developing teams in the workplace.

Improving instead of performing

The Performance Cup is a competition held over a period of 12 to 16 weeks in which short ‘mini-competitions’ are linked to relevant themes in the workplace. The Cup can be played between within one firm, or between different firms. The winner is not one that performs the best, but rather the one that demonstrates the greatest improvement.

Core elements for a Performance Cup

  • Gamification
  • Digitaal platform
  • Offline inspiration from topsports
  • Learning from each other


The teams managed to achieve results for various goals. Wherever your team focus lies, it’s important to make the results measurable. The results demonstrated during previous Cups were certainly convincing:

Average increase per focuspoint Performance Cup

You can read more about the whole approach of the Performance Cup here.


The power of the PC is that you do something alongside your work that makes you better