Case study: Rabobank – Encouraging a financially healthy lifestyle through gamification

Over the next five years, Rabobank has set itself the goal of helping people in 1,000,000 Dutch households to lead a financially healthy life, now and in the future. Yet an analysis carried out by Rabobank itself showed that its advisors weren’t taking full advantage of all the opportunities open to them during their discussions with customers. Rabobank therefore wanted them be able to call on relevant, up-to-date knowledge and skills in order to be able to serve their customers properly by helping to ensure their financial health.


Customer request

“Help us to develop an effective approach that will stimulate our advisors to proactively and better help customers to make the right choices for a financially healthy life. This should enable their customers to become more self-sufficient.”

Our approach

We decided to implement a scalable approach by means of a tailor-made gamification solution

Our approach

In order to create a scalable method that would encourage people to learn within their own working environment, we chose to apply a gamification approach. The Assets Cup, a tailor-made gamification solution developed especially for Rabobank, was built up as follows:

  1. Five constructive missions using sport as an analogy
  2. Competition elements as drivers of new behaviour
  3. Booster sessions at local branches to kick-start the mission
  4. Use of both online and offline elements
  5. Managerial framework to support jury members involved
  6. Playing and learning with and from one another


  • 633 players from 66 bank branches played the Assets Cup
  • Financial advisors hereby acquired more knowledge and developed more skills to provide better advice to their customers about a financially healthy lifestyle
  • At the bank branches that played the Assets Cup, there was on average a 13% greater influx of invested assets in Q2 2018 (see graph) compared to branches that did not take part. This directly contributed to a financially healthy lifestyle for their customers.


"Working together with House of Performance means creating and doing things together. Being open towards each other’s expertise and making use of it along the way means you can achieve the best results. It’s an energy-packed route that leaves you lots of room for fun and celebration.” - Jeanine Rademakers, Assets Sales Manager, Rabobank