Case study: AEB – Safeguarding Sustainable Lean

AEB solves waste issues sustainably to make the world around us cleaner now and in the future. This is why it is aiming to improve its own processes and reduce the associated costs by implementing Lean in a sustainable manner.

Project Goal

The goal of Strategy no. 6 was to improve processes and reduce costs. In order to achieve this goal, a decision was taken to use Lean methodology. A Lean approach was developed to suit AEB, whereby AEB’s own people would take the lead. A team of 7 ambassadors was trained to be able to supervise Lean pathways on their own, thereby ensuring that AEB would have sufficient knowledge and expertise in-house. In this way, we safeguarded Lean within the organisation.

Request to House of Performance

Train an internal team of Lead ambassadors within AEB. To do so, offer them a mixture of theory (in the form of bootcamps), coaching and practical experience.

Our approach

Show them how to do it, do it together, then let them do it’. That’s the basis of how we work.


By laying the foundation for this in various training modules, the Lean ambassadors thereafter became able to support improvement processes on their own. The training combined theory, coaching and practice, and consisted of the following elements:

  • Multi-day Lean bootcamp
  • Lean Green Belt certification
  • Setting up a personalised ‘Peek at the week’
  • Setting up daily and weekly starts in various departments
  • Practical experience of the four improvement processes


A 100% score in Lean Green Belt certification by the Lean Ambassadors.


"My personal experience is that an enormous amount of energy was released in the ambassadors’ group over 2017. We strengthen one another, which means that AEB stands to gain a lot!” Fulco Stallmann - Programmamanager Lean, AEB