Case study: Healthcare institution ’s Heeren Loo – Improving team effectiveness

How could a healthcare institution manage to considerably improve teamwork within the Planning & Control department? By using the Team Fit Check.

Customer request

Combining several departments and introducing a new strategy hasn’t managed to turn the Planning & Control department into a proper team. It consists of separate islands, each with their own specialism and way of working. As a result, it’s far from clear to everyone why they should help one another and why we are on the same team anyway. There’s certainly room for improvement.

Task for the House of Performance

Help us to improve the teamwork and performance of the Planning & Control department team. Goal: to create a team with common aims and a clear sense of direction.

Our approach

In order to increase the effectiveness of teamwork, we deployed the Team Fit Check. This online tool was used within the Planning & Control team to gain an insight into the current situation.

The Team Fit Check Tool

We determine how the team scores on the 4 aspects that characterise effective teams:

  1. Believe in the team
  2. Understanding the team’s contribution
  3. Possessing the right skills
  4. Receiving the right support to excel.


  • Goal session: The results of the scan were discussed and the team members together decided which aspects of these they should take steps to address.
  • Work sessions: During several work sessions, the team independently started getting to grips with the interactive and easily accessible ways of working that matched the goals that had been set
  • The Team Fit Check has now been put into place as a part of the working structure, so that it is possible to see how much progress has been made on an ongoing basis

“The Team Fit Check has helped us to make our goals and direction much clearer. It was also great fun and very easy to get going with. The tool contains lots of reference points, and the working methods are described very well.” Milou van den Hengel - van Klooster, Planning & Control department Manager