Case study: The Fresh Chance Foundation – Working together more effectively

The Fresh Chance Foundation (DNK) is a foundation offering a ‘change pathway’. Its goal is to enable participants to change in such a way as to allow them to succeed in gaining a stable place within society.

Customer request

Over the past few years, DNK has had to fight hard for its very existence. And it’s been successful in doing so: there’s been a huge rise in the number of young people successfully moving on to work or schooling.
The problem that DNK was facing at a certain point was this: how could it keep going without stumbling and falling along the way? After all, we can all run fast, but we don’t all go in the same direction or know how to slow down when necessary.

Task for House of Performance

Help us to work as a team, with a good structure, clear tasks and a strong working relationship so that we can work in a results-oriented way and be less vulnerable in approaching the future. Our partnership with DNK was a House of Sharing project.

Our approach

It’s our client – rather than us ourselves – who determines the issues that need to change. We believe this is the right way to go about it!


  1. Interviews with all members of staff
  2. Define the hypotheses/issues based on observation/interviews
  3. All members of staff choose which issues need to change
  4. One session for everyone together per issue requiring change
  5. Leadership coaching
  6. Concrete approach to follow-up: how can safeguards and the correct direction be ensured?


50% shorter meeting times (1 hour per employee per week);
New multidisciplinary teams containing participants work together much more closely;

20 sticking points for participants in the process have been solved; 
Leadership has grown through insights into people’s own actions and the consequences of these

"You didn’t do it just to get a Corporate Social Responsibility badge – you did it to add value to the organisation. On top of that, you tackled a very complex issue within our organisation, and I can see that this has now been resolved.”