Stimulating desired behaviour and workplace performance in a sustainable way

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What is gamification?

Gamification is a scalable solution for stimulating workplace performance

Gamification is a scalable solution for stimulating the desired behaviour in a sustainable way and for improving workplace performance. Our gamification methods combine innovative technologies and elements of play with change management theory.

Reaching your goals with gamification

We build tailor made gamification solutions for our customers to help them reach goals such as:

  1. Motivating teams
  2. Driving revenue
  3. Sharing knowledge
  4. Improving customer satisfaction

Putting learning into practice through gamification

Achieving sustainable behavioural change doesn’t just happen by itself. It demands a lot of practice and repetition in day-to-day situations. According to the theory set out by Charles Jennings, we learn 70% from practical experiences, 20% from other people and only 10% from formal education. Our gamification solutions therefore offer a balanced learning experience that contributes to an environment focused on continuous improvement.

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Gamification: learning and changing while you just get on with your work

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Stimulating intrinsic motivation through gamification

How can you make sure that a person becomes intrinsically motivated to learn new behaviour, and that they retain a sense of involvement in this process? Our gamification solutions always contain three elements that ensure they do: autonomy, mastery and meaningfulness. A clear goal and real-time feedback further contribute towards this. If you’d like to know more about the theory behind gamification, download our white paper on gamification here below!

Gamification case studies

We have succesfully implemented gamification within these organisations:


Case study: Microsoft partner The Cue – Increasing business productivity through gamification

Microsoft Office 365’s market share is over 60% and growing. This makes it by far the most popular provider of business software ‘in the cloud...

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Case study: Rabobank – Encouraging a financially healthy lifestyle through gamification

Over the next five years, Rabobank has set itself the goal of helping people in 1,000,000 Dutch households to lead a financially healthy life, now...

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Case study: Producer of raw baking materials improves bakeries’ performance through gamification

An international producer of raw baking materials that delivered its products to craft bakeries in more than 100 countries had an unfulfilled ambit...

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Case study: Improving Performance with the Performance Cup

Continuous performance improvements, change pathways, developing self-steering teams, it’s often a real struggle to get things done. But it doesn...

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