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Performance Cup: how apples and pears grow during the competition

04/09/2017 “Oh no, there we go again!” It’s a hard job motivating the average employee to take part in yet another improvement programme. Sounds familiar?…

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What would Harvey do?

Watch out – there goes the legal eagle! I hadn’t even started my first day at House of Performance when I heard the first remark:…

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How Gamification can teach you a different way to sell

The sales world needs to radically change. Let’s face it: since the emissions-cheating software scandal hit the headlines, it’s no longer all about how much…

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Do your colleagues learn from their mistakes?

In order to say a heartfelt ‘yes’ to this question, you need to share your mistakes. And that doesn’t come naturally to us as human…

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We’re surely not going to play games at work?

Playing games for an hour is a normal way to pass the time. Well, it is when you’re at home. But at work? As far…

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I was unaware of my own dilemma

Does it ever happen to you that someone else realises something before you do yourself? It happened to me recently. I had a dilemma that…

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Innovation through shock therapy for organisations

Is your organisation’s right to exist on the line? What’s the expiry date for your core services or products? Which developments do you lose sleep…

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Gamification: the game-changer in cultural change

“As from today, we’re going to do things completely differently!” Sounds good, but how can you get your staff to believe it too? How can…

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Would you like to think up a briljant idea too?

When you see the word ‘improve’, maybe your first thought is to get rid of things that are a waste of time or money. That’s…

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Recognise the 8 signals of waste through the lean spectacles

The waste-watching spectacles from House of Performance will give you a fresh view of everyday things. For example, there are the Lean spectacles, which enable…

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A learning organisation and für elise: the similarities

What do a learning organisation and Für Elise have in common? If somebody wants to take piano lessons from me, I always ask, “What would…

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How honest do we dare to be?

“Heiko, I know that Pieter (we’ll call him that for now) wants to join my team. But I don’t want him. It’s just that I…

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Performance Ethics

Last week, I was in Amsterdam. I went by car. A bit of an awkward journey, but it was the only option at the time….

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Be the first to carry out the new arrangement

You’ve agreed a new way of working and everyone’s enthusiastic about it, yet you can’t see it working in practice. It looks rather as if…

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Do you trust your staff?

In every group of people, someone is bound to cross the line once in a while. For instance, by disregarding agreements or by taking far…

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Be aware that not everyone wants a dog for a present

Promotion. For ambitious employees, it’s a magical word. And once the first promotion is in the bag, the next one comes temptingly into sight. That’s…

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