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The Uganda hub of Restless Development helps young people in Uganda to take their role in the development of their country. This comes from a strong belief that young people’s energy and enthusiasm are the best assets for development. Restless Development Uganda unfolds effective projects to offer young people opportunities to develop their leadership, their voice in decision making, and thereby their influence on the development of their country. Laura Abbink & Jasper de Haan are in Uganda to help the organisation to be more effective by developing their management team and by doing so improving their own leadership.

The team wants to;

  1. shift their focus from an operational to a tactical/strategic level;
  2. be more creative/innovative in improving their own organization and;
  3. improve their management skills.

Restless Uganda

Together with the team of Restless Development Uganda,  Laura & Jasper will work on those goals. The energetic kick-off meeting earlier this week was a good start for that. The cooperation with House of Performance is initiated from House of Sharing. House of Sharing is part of House of Performance and helps social organizations to improve performances. The way of working is exactly the same as in case of House of Performance projects with the difference that the project is sponsored by House of Performance.

Want to learn more? Read the case studie.

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