Lean working

Lean working is eliminating waste and continuous improvement of workplace performance

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Unnecessary procedures lead to frustration and cost both time and money. There’s room for improvement!

Employees within organisations often carry out procedures which provide no direct added value as far as the external or external customer can see. These unnecessary procedures – which are examples of waste – lead to frustration and cost both time and money. There’s room for improvement!

Lean working helps the employees in your organisation to take a critical look at everything they do. Does my work contribute to a higher goal? Does it add value? Is there room for improvement? What about if we were able to skip this stage of the process?

The benefits of Lean working

Lean working revolves around eliminating waste as well as implementing ideas for improvement in the workplace. This leads to benefits including:

  1. Lower costs
  2. Higher quality
  3. Shorter lead times
  4. More innovative employees

Lean working creates maximum customer value

When thinking up ideas for improvements, some managers and employees tend to think of large-scale changes. What’s more, if the estimated returns aren’t high enough, many companies won’t even start changing anything. Yet continuous improvement is actually about quickly achieving lots of small changes. Its purpose is to create as much value as possible for the customer while using up as few resources as possible. Start today! After all, there are always ways of making your work smarter, easier or more fun.

Continuous improvement and respect

In addition to continuous improvement, respect is also an important part of Lean working practices. The reason for this is that continuous improvement in the workplace has quite a significant impact on staff. After all, they’re the ones who actually have to achieve the desired improvements. It’s therefore crucial to have their support and a high degree of involvement. This all starts with respect: for one another and for the work itself.

Lean working case studies

We have succesfully implemented continuous improvement within these organisations

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Lean working as a part of your organisation’s DNA?

Would you like to implant Lean working practices into your organisation’s DNA? Would you like to build up a culture of continuous improvement, whereby renewal and innovation are the norm and each employee can implement effective, new ideas for improvement every day? If so, contact us today so we can discuss the opportunities that Lean working can offer your organisation!