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Why transform your organisation?

You want your organisation to be relevant to your customers and to make an impact on the world around you. Digitalisation, new technology and the availability of ever-increasing amounts of data offer plenty of opportunities in this respect. For instance, they can help you to develop new products and services that meet the world’s needs both today and tomorrow; sustainable earning modes that go beyond mere shareholder value; and new ways of working that make a positive contribution to achieving ESG goals. We call this β€˜transformation’. Transformation towards becoming a future-proof organisation. In a future-proof world.

What is an organisational transformation?

An organisational transformation is sparked by an ambition or by a need to structurally improve the organisation. It involves a fundamental change to the organisation’s DNA. It is irreversible. And it affects the entire organisation: from its strategy and structure to its operation and culture.

The three elements of a future-proof organisation

We regard three elements as necessary to achieve a transformation into a future-proof organisation: digitalisation, agility and sustainability.

  1. Digitalisation
    • Focus on creating a more effective, data-driven organisation, for example by digitalising information, processes and customer service.
  2. Adaptability
    • Focus on creating a flexible and adaptive organisation that continuously responds to its customers’ changing needs. For example, by improving its current processes, or by developing new products and services.
  3. Sustainability
    • Focus on creating an aware and self-aware organisation that aims to add value in the ESG areas (Environmental, Social and Governance). The main goal is to create an impact; making a profit is merely a way to get there.

How do we guide your organisation through a transformation?

We outline the route
We provide you with a clear vision of the path you need to follow to achieve the transformation. We call this part of the transformation β€˜the Direction’. This phase involves gathering information, determining a shared vision and commitment, and ensuring that this is firmly anchored into the organisational strategy.

We consolidate our approach

Then we develop a vision of this approach that is specifically tailored to your own organisation, because it is this that determines our starting point. How we then get from that point to our goal is based on our more than 20 years of experience in change management and continuous improvement. We call this part of the transformation β€˜the Design’.Β We always link KPIs to our approach, so that we can aim for hard, measurable results.

Taking the lead
We bring the right people – from inside and outside the organisation – together so that we can all work from a small starting point towards a big goal. We call this part of the transformation β€˜the Operation’.

Preconditions for a successful organisational transformation

At House of Performance, we regard the following preconditions as crucial in order to achieve a successful transformation into a future-proof organisation:

  1. There must be a clear vision of the future;
  2. The transformation must be a leading strategy;
  3. From small beginnings, it must proceed incrementally;
  4. It must be managed in a visual way, based on short-cycle goals;
  5. The transformation must involve the entire value chain, including outside the organisation itself;
  6. The transformation must lead to a change in the organisation’s DNA.

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Want to transform into a future-proof organisation?

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