About House of Performance

We’re your sparring partner and organisational specialist rolled into one. We’re only satisfied if things truly work. In the long term. We’ll put you on the road from good to better, and from better to excellent.

About House of Performance

There are more than 45 of us ‘HoPpers’ who together form House of Performance. We ensure that people, teams and organisations are able to excel. Within the Netherlands as well as beyond its borders, we do that by advising and supporting them where possible and by confronting them where necessary.

After all, excellence doesn’t just happen. It demands insight into what could be done better, and specific tools to put improvements into place. These should be based on facts and figures, targeted towards clear goals and focused on achieving concrete, measurable gains. We deal in results, not in daydreams.

All of this demands guts and perseverance. From our clients, from their employees and from us. If we dare to excel together, poor performance will improve and new ambitions will come within reach. There may well be some bumps along the way, but we’ll always get there. And we’ll celebrate each success together.


Core values

Our core values determine our direction. They are a part of us, are born of our passion, and drive us and our behaviour. You will recognise them in the way that we work together with you.


We live and work with intensity while applying our energy, enthusiasm and discipline. Achieving sustainable results by enabling people to excel is our passion. We enjoy this journey and are willing to take extra steps or to diverge from the path.


We aim to allow each individual to excel in their own unique way. It’s important to us that each person can contribute to the desired result and to the organisation itself in their own distinctive manner.


Treat other people as you would like to be treated yourself. This is what we mean by reciprocity. What this principle means to us is that we work together with respect, sincerity and curiosity to achieve the desired result.

Forms of collaboration

Shall we come and work with you side by side? Would you like us to get financially involved in your organisation? Or do you need someone actually inside your firm who can achieve a desired change? We offer three forms of working relationship:

Powered by

In this construction, House of Performance takes a financial interest in your organisation. We share the responsibility together. This means that we provide financial resources, craftsmanship and innovations, and that you provide customer knowledge, sector expertise and service. We both have an interest in what happens in the workplace.

Thijs Otto van Es,Managing partner and consultant, about Powered by House of Performance

Developed by

We work side by side with you to improve your performance together. Depending on your ambition or urgent request, we determine which interventions are needed to achieve the goals that have been set.

Define your ambition

Managed by

We fill an interim vacancy. Working from a line position, this is the ideal way for the appointee to set the performance improvement in motion. During the final phase of the improvement pathway, our interim manager supports and inspires the new manager.

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