Managed by House of Performance

Managed by House of Performance

Interim managers from Managed by House of Performance (Mby) are professionals who temporarily support an organisation in order to help it develop further. For example, if complex changes need to be carried out, if a fresh direction is being set, or if a cultural change must be initiated. In such situations, it can be effective to put an interim manager in place alongside the existing management team. In this way, we can work together to make the organisation stronger from within.

As part of House of Performance, Mby ensures that people, teams and organisations are able to excel. By advising and supporting them wherever possible, and by confronting them when necessary. Our approach means that we stand side by side with our clients in order to help them achieve the necessary changes. Moreover, we know that when it comes to creating change, exemplary behaviour and leadership within one’s own organisation are essential. These are therefore central to the approach taken by our interim managers.

All of Mby’s interim managers are independent professionals who work as in-house programme or line managers at our clients’ offices to achieve shared goals. Mby is fully a part of House of Performance (HofP). This means that our interim managers work according to HofP’s core values and vision. They are completely up to date with our vision and approach to change, as well as being aware of interventions we have used in the fields of processing, management, behaviour and leadership.

The following interim managers from HofP will he happy to help you to achieve the results you are after:

Carien de Vries

Carien de Vries

How cán you achieve it?


Joost Preyde

The ability to connect and to wonder is what a consultant is based on.

Remco V2

Remco Wieland

"If you let go, you can use both hands."