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Why become a sustainable organisation?

These days, sustainability sets the agenda in many boardrooms. Not least because, from 2023 onwards, it will be mandatory for a large number of organisations to report on non-financial performance and have this independently verified. This compulsory reporting, referred to as ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), focuses primarily on large organisations (in terms of FTEs and turnover), but it is expected that such legislation will also apply to smaller organisations relatively soon. Besides the fact that these regulations create a sense of urgency, many organisations are also choosing to become more sustainable because it is their ambition to do so. Quite simply, they feel it is ‘the only way to go’.

What is a sustainable organisation?

A sustainable organisation is one that is aware of itself as well as of the world around it, and that wants to add value in the ESG areas. Sustainable organisations regard making a profit as a way to make a difference. At House of Performance, we believe that as an organisation, you add the most value when you set goals based on the following four pillars: employees, customers, profitability, and sustainability. And realise that these always influence each other. The key question for any sustainable organisation is, ‘What impact do you want to make?


What does a sustainable organisation deliver?

  1. Social impact
    • By focusing on impact rather than profit in your business operations, you view the organisation from a new and broader perspective. This helps you to determine what the new economy of your organisation could look like. A sustainable organisation focuses on human and ecological well-being. We believe that people excel when you dare to look – and act – beyond mere economic growth. This means thinking about the ecological footprint and social impact of your organisation.
  2. Talent
    • The ability to successfully attract talent for organisations is expressly influenced by the extent to which your own organisation is able to define its sustainability objectives and results.
  3. Financial profitability
    • More than 2,000 scientific studies since the 1970s have shown a positive relationship between ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance ) criteria and organisations’ financial results. Because of this, large investment funds, for example, have decided they only want to invest in organisations that demonstrably incorporate sustainability into their business model and strategy.

7 steps towards a more sustainable organisation

At, we know how to make an impact. We are specialists at the intersection of change management and continuous improvement. We draw on our knowledge and experience as we work with you to make your organisation more sustainable. In order to ensure that your sustainability goals are actually achieved, our approach is based on seven steps:

  1. Formulate a clear vision. Describe in crystal-clear terms how the organisation views sustainability: definition, playing field, what does and doesn’t the organisation influence, and how does this organisation make a difference in sustainability terms through its history, values and culture?
  2. Use a framework. It’s hard to translate sustainability goals into the workplace. So it helps to use frameworks such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or what is known as the ESG framework.
  3. Translate the vision into measurable goals, a strategy and
  4. Make the control mechanism visual and based on short-cycle goals.
  5. Appoint a leading coalition. Each successful organisational transformation needs ambassadors.
  6. Work together with your partners in the chain. Your organisation does not operate alone, which means that what your partners do also influences the results.
  7. Report the results you achieve. This will create pride and motivation, and attract like-minded people.  


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We are Impactmakers. And we get the ball rolling. Using our experience, knowledge and skill, we continue driving each transformation until the desired improvement is not only achieved but also maintained.

We will be at your side, tackling the job together with you and rolling our sleeves up whenever necessary, because we believe in the power of togetherness. We will discuss matters with you frankly, as equals. Talking openly and honestly about your organisation, your results and your future.

​We will support you where possible, and confront you where necessary. While always keeping our sights on the desired improvement. This is how we can make an impact together.

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