House Of Performance

We ensure that people, teams and organisations are able to excel. Within the Netherlands as well as beyond its borders, we do that by advising and supporting them where possible and by confronting them where necessary.

Hamburgerstraat 30
3512 NS Utrecht

[email protected]
+31 30 239 33 60


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We’re your sparring partner and organisational specialist rolled into one.



Gamification: learning and changing while you just get on with your work

Calling prospects isn’t my favourite activity. I always used to put it off for as long as possible. Well, I did until I could found…

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Gamification: I’m going for gold; Bob’s just here for the beer

Tuesday evenings are when our group of friends always goes off to play squash. We enjoy each other’s company, but I was in a bit…

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How you can help your clients move forward through Gamification

Just imagine that your mission was to help bakers with their business all over the world. In all bakeries, on all fronts. However unachievable such…

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House of Performance winner of Best Work Places 2018

House of Performance is a winner of the Best Workplaces 2018 awards, coming top within the category Small & Young Workplaces! This was announced during…

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A learning organisation and für elise: the similarities

What do a learning organisation and Für Elise have in common? If somebody wants to take piano lessons from me, I always ask, “What would…

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Be the first to carry out the new arrangement

You’ve agreed a new way of working and everyone’s enthusiastic about it, yet you can’t see it working in practice. It looks rather as if…

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