We are House of Performance

The consultancy and interim management agency that enables people, teams and organisations to excel!

Excellence doesn’t just happen all by itself. For a start, you need to have some insight into what could be done better. You also need to have practical instruments to actually achieve each improvement. These should be linked to clear goals, focused on measurable outputs, and based on facts and figures. Not on hot air or flights of fancy.

This in turn requires courage and persistence. From our clients, from their staff and from ourselves. If we dare to excel together, we can help you to get ahead rather than to lag behind in terms of performance. New ambitions will also come within reach. Maybe all of this won’t always happen without a struggle, but it will certainly lead to the desired result. And we’ll celebrate this success together.   

100% sustainable projects for people and society in 2025

This is our mission; the ambitious goal that we have set ourselves. We’ll get there by checking our projects against the UN’s sustainable development goals. To find out more about how we work, read about House of Performance’s sustainable business practices.

Our core values determine our direction

They set our course. They are a part of us. They arise from our enthusiasm, give us our drive and direct our behaviour. You’ll recognise them whenever you work with us.

  1. Reciprocity
    • Treat other people as you would like to be treated yourself. This applies to both parties. It’s mutual. It’s called reciprocity. What it means to us is working together with you in a respectful, sincere and curious way to achieve the desired result together.
  2. Intensity
    • We live and work with intensity while deploying our energy, enthusiasm and discipline. There’s nothing we like more than achieving sustainable results by enabling people to excel. We enjoy this journey and are prepared to take extra steps to reach our destination, or to go off-path when that works better.
  3. Authenticity
    • We aim to let individuals excel in their own unique way. That’s because we consider it important for each person to contribute to the organisation and the desired result in their own individual way.

A Highberg Company

House of Performance is proud to be a Highberg company. Highberg brings together multi-disciplinary boutique firms with best-in-class experience in organizational, digital and sustainability transformation. Delivering the expertise and knowledge to help organization successfully transform and stay relevant in an age of change. From strategy to implementation, through consulting, training and coaching services. ​

Highberg – Building the leading transformation consulting group in Europe. More on Highberg.

House of Sharing

We think it’s important to give something back to society. But we don’t just believe in donating money and leaving it at that. We would rather give something that we’re good at. Something that lasts. Something that makes an impact. So we help charitable organisations by enabling them to make better use of what they already have. For instance, by helping them to optimise their processes or improve their partnerships. And we do this in an equally committed, professional and goal-oriented way as with any other client. There’s only one difference: we do it for free. If you’d like to know more, read all about House of Sharing.

How we work with you

Management consultancy

Our consultants support you to achieve the desired change by giving advice when appropriate and confronting you when necessary.

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Interim management

Our independent professionals create maximum impact and achieve the desired change in your organisation while working from the inside.

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