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We have a tightly-knit network of interim managers and programme managers. All of them are independent professionals capable of making the greatest possible impact on our clients’ organisations. In their appointed role, they take responsibility for management tasks while also creating the desired change from within the organisation itself.

Get to know our independent interim managers

Leaders with experience in consultancy, or consultants with leadership qualities

Our independent interim managers are leaders with experience in consultancy, or consultants with leadership qualities. In addition, each interim manager has specific knowledge of – and experience in – sectors such as finance, retail, energy, government (or semi-public organisations) and transport. Besides all this, they have substantial experience in the field of implementation and change management, Agile and Lean working, team and organisational development, leadership development and HR. Like to find out who they are?

Meet our interim managers!

Various forms of collaboration

Would you prefer to work with an interim manager, a team of interim managers, or a mixed team composed of professionals with different skills? Depending on the type of issue you’re facing and the wishes of the organisation itself, we can look at which form of collaboration would suit you best:

  1. Interim manager
    • An interim manager creates the desired changes from within the organisation itself
  2. Team of interim managers
    • A team of interim managers provides you with complementary knowledge and experience
  3. Mixed team
    • A mixed team is composed of independent interim managers and consultants

Why should you choose interim managers from House of Performance?

Personal approach: We offer a personal approach, rather than one that’s based on an automated process. Our selection of the right interim manager depends on the particular change issue, the organisational culture and the leadership style required.

Performance targets: We enjoy having an impact on our clients’ organisations, and dare to give guarantees about the successful implementation of the change. This strengthens your organisation’s self-reliance in a sustainable way.

Value-driven: We attach great importance to our core values of authenticity, reciprocity and intensity. They are an intrinsic part of us, arising from our enthusiasm and driving our behaviour. You will recognise them whenever you work with us.

Synergy: Our interim managers learn from each other’s knowledge and experience and from the knowledge and experience of our consultants. Because of this synergy, we gurantee a critical reflection on how we work, the highest possible results and continuous commitment during the assignment.

How do we work?

We make the best match with your organisation and specific change issue

Because of our commitment, our non-automated but personal approach and tight-knit network of interim managers, we are able to make the best match with your organisation and specific change issue. We are happy to take responsibility for the desired result of the assignment. Dependent on our client’s wishes, we work based on recalculation or a predetermined project price.


Are you looking for an interim manager who can achieve the desired transformation from an in-line position?

Our interim managers each have their own vision of change, and are committed to achieving the desired results.

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Like to join forces? Become part of House of Performance’s interim network!

Our network offers you knowledge, peer review opportunities and greater impact – all while allowing you to retain your autonomy.

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