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It has been a year already since I had my very first day at House of Performance. And what a year it has been.’Time flies when you are having fun’ they sometimes say for a reason. Because not only have I ended up in a cool office and get to work with nice and wonderful people from whom I can learn a lot, but I can also really make an impact with our clients. And that, if you ask me, is extremely valuable and motivating. It leaves you wanting more. 

To give you an example of an impactful project: the Philips Agile360 project. A project that was created in collaboration with our fellow Highberg hubs Gladwell and Blinklane. I would like to tell you more about this in this blog. 

Because now I hear you thinking: Philips Agile360…? 

This is a project for and with Philips, where we have launched an entire Agile program consisting of 4 consecutive modules. The goal is to introduce all people within Philips to and work according to Agile in the context of Philips: Agile360. Because change is sometimes overwhelming and exciting. But we know it can also be fun. 

The first part of the program consists of an E-learning, where employees were introduced to Agile360 in a fun and playful way. Click here to see a short teaser. 

After this E-learning, there is a Scrum Master and Product Owner training and a training with the entire Scrum team, where you learn about the different Agile roles within the team through a number of live training courses. For example, we learn more about the role of a Scrum Master and Product Owner, but also learn how to build a Product Backlog. 

And last but not least, the icing on the cake is the Agile360 Game. An 11-week Game that is accessible on our Triggx platform. The team will work with the Scrum methodology in a fun way through exercises and assignments. The teams receive answers to these questions, among others; How do we ensure that the Daily Scrum is set up as effectively as possible? What do we discuss/not discuss during Sprint Planning? And how do we ensure that the right stakeholders are involved in the Sprint Review? 

The participants learn from each other by reviewing each other’s work, exchanging knowledge and providing each other with feedback. We practice new behavior that is directly applicable in our own working environment. This means that we immediately experience what this is like and what this means for everyone. We are also encouraged to think about: what works best for us and what does this mean for us as a team? 

And now that I have written this down, I realize even more how cool this project has become. Why do I think this? Because it really is a joint effort. Because as Highberg organizations we have all created cool products that fit together. Who really create a mindset and a way of working within Philips that is necessary and all in a fun and challenging way. We reach all teams through all subsequent modules and support them in the great work they do. As far as I’m concerned, that makes it a project to be proud of. And that leaves you wanting more. 

The game is well designed incorporating both individual and team missions which helps to test our knowledge about Agile360 overall

Curious about more experiences from Philips? Click here to read a LinkedIn message about this project. 

Are you inspired? Do you think this could also be useful for your organization, department or team? Are you also in an Agile transformation and could you use some help with that? Or are you just curious and would you like some more information about this? 

You can! 

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